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hot cocoa cones


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The kids and I, made these last year, for both of their classes. We used regular rectangle shaped bags and folded each corner up onto the back and just attached a bit of clear tape. I was looking for the cone bags too and couldn't find them. So, I had these bags from another project and they worked great!!! Just make sure you don't buy the type with the gusset. They were a huge hit. They had hot chocolate, chocolate chips (white and choc.) and marshmallows....and a snowman ornament tied to the outside!
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I've always wanted to make these too.


Searching the web I found basic recipe with a how to video




and a site that had some pretty fancy ones that looked pretty neat. She made it seem easy to do. I'd like to try making the christmas trees and the santa's. I hope that they would turn out half as good as these.



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I was going to make the hot chocolate last year. By the time I added up all the ingredients it was less expensive to buy two super large containers already made at Costco or Sam's. We put the HC...layer of chocolate chips and then the mini marshmallows. We tied it with some raffia and put a little ornament with a little string tag with directions. They were really cute!!:D:D:D
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I would have never thought of that. Thought they where some kind of "special" bag. Thanks

LOL...that is too funny....

I read the topic and was thinking SO hard of what they would be....I have a HUGE box of like 100 piping bags for my cake decorating, and it didn't even cross my mind that it was those....LOL.

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