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Long Distance (domestic) calling card

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There are generally two kinds of calling cards:

  • Low 1.9 cents per minute BUT there is a connection fee of at least $0.25 If you know the other party will answer and plan on talking for a long time, then this is the best deal.
  • It costs a little more but I would recommend OneSuite.com for domestic and international long distance.

    Before we got VOIP I would use OneSuite.com to make long distance calls.

If you have cable internet and talk a lot on the phone consider signing up for VOIP such as SunRocket.com.


SunRocket.com offers UNLIMITED calls within the USA and Canada for a low price and several standard features.

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Thanks RossMAN. I'm going to try out the OneSuite.com for now. I'm living with a roommate at the moment, and I don't have the phone under my name. We currently don't have long distance, don't really need to use it thru the phone company since I don't make many that many long distance calls. Calling card will suit me for now. Maybe in the future I'll try out the VOIP.


Before I sign up to OneSuite.com, I notice during the registration process that theres a field to enter a promo code. Would you happen to know any valid promo codes? I googled it, and got a few promo codes. One that caught my eye was 033B06554, supposed to give me 20mins free...but once I enter it in and go to the next page, it doesn't mention anything about the promo code. Probably because the code is old and no longer valid? So I don't know if I want to sumbit my registration in, if I don't know if I'm going to get the promo to work. I wouldn't mind having free 20mins long distance to play with. Do you or anyone else here know of any promo codes that do work? Help a poor man out, I'd appreciate it. :gd_phone:

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