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I need a new vacuum cleaner


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I did the search option and there are lots of older posts on this...too old I think ;)


Anyways I have a Bissel Powerforce that has been great and all of a sudden it got really

hard to push and it smelled like it was burning. I replaced the belt but that is not the problem

the beater brush bar will no longer turn.


I need to buy a new vacuum but my funds are very limited $70 or less. I remember seeing

someone had a CR best deal for a great price. I have 5 cats so I need lots of good suction

and power (I know I am asking alot for my budget).


I do not want a Dyson..not that I can afford one anyways :P



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I had a Bissell Lift Off until last year. I had the same thing happen to me and ordered a new brush/bar from the website and sure enough it worked good as new again. I think with shipping and everything it was a $20 fix. The part came pretty fast also! Be forwarned though, it is a tight fit getting the bar back on but definitely doable! Goodluck! :yup:
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oh thanks, I figured it was not worth fixing. I have emailed Bissell and am wondering if it still

may be under the warranty. In the mean time I am using a shark stick vac...not exactly made for whole house vacuuming but it works nonetheless


thanks again :fluffy:

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We just bought the $49 Dirt Devil from Target, and it is the best vacuum we've ever had. Parts of our carpets that have been shampooed and vacuumed and never looked good, look amazing. We live on a dirt road, so there is a ton of dust. We sucked 3 inches up in the cannister, just from our already vacuumed area rug.


I highly recommend it. We have had other, much more expensive ones, and this one takes the cake.

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I emailed Bissell and they are sending me out a new beater/brush/roll bar and new belts

all for free :D They were very helpful and explained that the end piece on the roller may

have worn down and needs to be replaced. The email also stated that if that did not fix

the problem I should contact them again asap


Nice customer service, imho :yup:

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