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Sears Outlet Stores

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We have a Sears outlet in Southern California. I've been in there a few times and have never bought anything. I've found better deals in the Sears store. They have a lot of items with dinks, dents, scratches, etc. I personally think I'd rather wait for a sale, get the extra % off and KNOW it works or they will cover it. Instead of risking what may be wrong with these. I guess if you are looking for a refrigerator that will go into a space and nobody will see the sides, it is ok. but from my experience (and I've only been to the one in Ontario, Ca), I wouldn't make a drive expecting a great price. You will probably be disappointed.


My sister bought her Dishwasher in store as a customer order that was cancelled. You may want to look in store for items like that. And also look online for the additional 15% off sales on orders placed on Sunday night sale. I bought my washer and dryer from sears and had it adjusted a few times and ended up getting a darn good deal. You just have to keep watching to see if it goes down, but they are really good about adjusting it if you call while it is still on sale.

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