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NintendoDS Flipper Critters was $14.99 is $1.84 Target


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Product Features


Fun, fast-paced and colorful pinball game play and vibrant 3D graphics for the Nintendo DS

Makes use of both Nintendo DS screens to illustrate all aspects of the enchanting, three-dimensional world. All the expected pinball features are included: ramps, sinkholes, bumpers, jackpots, gates and goals - just in a different form.

Story mode allows players to journey across a diverse land, encountering all sorts of creatures, climates and challenges - the player chooses which missions and objectives to take on next.

Fun Mode allows players to play through levels unlocked from Story Mode to beat their high scores

Fun mode allows players to play through levels unlocked in story mode


I found this at the Vogel Rd MO Target. They had about 7 left.

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I went to get it and it scanned for $3.74. But then my son said he would never play it. So we left it. There were three at the 135th and Stateline Target for those of you in Kansas City, still in the case with no mark down stickers.
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