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Bosch dlx series or 500 series front laod washing machines?

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I am so frazzled. We purchased a Maytag Epic last weekend....didn't work, spent a lot of time and money( new sub floor) trying to make it work out. Deciced to try a differant brand, when we and the store decided it was a lost cause. A rushed trip 50 miles away. Well between the salesman and my husband I was in tears at the store not knowing what to get. They had a Bosch 500 in silver, for an awesome price...bought a lot of them because they are phasing out the color. The DLX series was a little more, but it came in white, and no I am not boring, but I cannot get a new dryer right now.

Any hoots I kept asking the differance between the two. The saleman was leaning toward the silver Bosch 500... but never would tell me the feature differances. Not worth mentioning he said. I never purchase ANYTHING without comapring and educating myself. I bought the white DLX model, because it was white and come home and start looking around....and it seems to me that the silver 500 series is a lot better featured machine, but I cannot tell for sure!! My Dh was ticked at me because I wouldn't make up my mind in 2 minutes, it is only a washing machine. OMH!!! I left the place crying. I need advise on the two machines..since it won't be delivered until next Friday, if I made a mistake I have time to change my mind!!!

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thanx for the help... I seriously hate the whole process!! I went with a silver 500 series, only to get a phone call telling me I could of gotten a refund!! Not a store credit!! Ticked off, I am. I think I would of went with an LG from another store!!!
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