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ToysRus.com clearance blowout + free ship


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Transformers SuperSoaker


Now $9.98 Was $27.99






Dora the Explorer Musical Carriage


Now $9.98 Was $17.98






Vtech Dora's TV Explorer Phone


Now $19.98 Was $39.99





PERFECT for car rides, especially for those of you that are heading to Disneyland/world soon! :)


The Backyardigans Doodle Pro - Fisher-Price

Now $9.98 Was $19.99





I remember when these first came out!!! I had a purple one! I miss him/her/whatever I called it back then, lol


Popples: Pop 'N Giggle - Kissy Pop

Now $9.99 Was $19.99





I dredded this experiment when we did it for science class!

Mad Science - Egg Drop Kit

NOw $6.98 Was $9.99





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Patti, I got the transformers supersoaker. Actually two, knowing my boys they will fight over having just one! Hope its as nice as it looks!

Those soakers look soo cool! If my ds were younger, I am sure he would enjoy them!

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A College Guys Perspective of What Good Deals Are To Be Found Here:

Star Wars Risk - 19.99

Creative Labs Zen Stone Plus 2GB - Green - $41.98

Attack! Game - 14.98


The MP3 looks very solid. Creative Labs Zen is a well known for producing quality alternatives to the "iPod/Zune/Ect." market plus the reviews right there are quite convincing.


I'm a big fan of strategy games, though I usually play boardgames with my girlfriend and she gets bored with the slow pace of such games.

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