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Central PA - Disney Store in LVM closing YMMV

TAJ mommy

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if anyone lives in the area of Central PA, the Disney store is closing in the Logan Valley Mall.

Right now things are 10-20% off. The sale just started last Monday.

They still have tons of stuff left.


it's sad too see them go. I am surprised because I thought that store thrived. I shopped there a couple times a month.

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that's odd that it's 10-20% off....when my store announced that they were closing, it was an immediate 50% off everything in the store and did not go to any higher % off (although 1/2 off of 2/$15 t-shirts makes them $3.75 each which is an awesome deal)
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:( I just went to the mall last night and found out our Disney store is closing too.:yuck: I get some of my best present fillers from there. Everyone loves a disney item. I am going to miss it. At least there is still online shopping, but that is nothing compared to an instore sale!
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