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ISO Xbox 360 </= $300


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DH has been given $300 of the tax refund. he'd like an Xbox 360... the one w/ the HD, but he says the one he wants is usually $350... he asked if I would keep an eye out while I was gottadealing it, but I figured you all have more eyes than I....
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Can you spare him another $50? I'm not sure if they still have them, but Costco had the one where you get the extra contoller and a Play N Charge for no extra cost. Plus $50 for a game? Plus $50 for a headset? Plus $50 for Xbox Live? LOL. Then he should be good to go! My hubby, of course, would suggest Call of Duty 4. :tongue1:


Seriously though, I think they come with the regular old cheap headset, which will work fine for the time being. You also get 30 day free trial for Xbox live, so he should be ok to start with that, too. Then you can buy it monthly but it's cheaper annually. You can rent games if you want or if he knows a game he really likes, buy it. Call of Duty 4 has seen more playtime than all of my hubby's other games put together... and that includes ds11 and his friends borrowing Halo 3.

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he doesn't care about the headset, a friend already gave him some games, he would like a wireless controller... but will settle for wired.


*Can* I spare him more - sure. but - he is getting $300 play money.... he can chip in the extra 50 bucks if it comes to that!


(we are not starved for video games around here... )


oh, ya, he does not want refurbed.

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