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Blockbuster.com too funny

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I've had a membership over the last year or so that I activate whenever they give me a free month. Last week I got an email that made me laugh... I wrote Blockbuster online today:


I got an email from you last week that was very funny.


the first line said this:


" Dear Conj,


It's been a while since you've rented from us, so we'd like to offer you a FREE one-month trial of BLOCKBUSTER Total Access™!"


and the fine print said this:


"Offer valid for new customers only; cannot be combined with any other offer. Limit one free or discounted trial per household. Requires internet access, a valid e-mail address and a valid credit/check card or checking account for payment of monthly fee. If you do not cancel your subscription prior to the end of your free or discounted trial period, your subscription automatically renews at the applicable monthly fee for the plan selected (plus taxes) until cancelled. If you cancel your subscription prior to the end of your free or discounted trial period, BLOCKBUSTER Online rentals must be returned no later than ten (10)days past the expiration date of your trial to avoid additional charges. "


You obviously knew I was not a new customer... so what gives? can I use the free month, or no?

They responded and are going to credit my account with a free month! sweet! I just thought it was funny that their terms and conditions contradicted what they said... but I'll take it.

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conj i got the saexact email.

who did you you contact to get the free month i might try it.

used the "contact us" tab.


I wasn't angling for free stuff (though I am happy to accept) just wanted them to see the irony ....

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funny you mention blockbuster.

We goto the one in our home town. the one here stinks like urine and the ceiling tiles

are actually falling out on the outside. during one rain storm they swept all the broken tiles

in piles that fell. i contacted corp and they said well they are franchise stores so

tough basically.

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Blockbuster.com is just a little off in general I think...I signed up for the 3 at a time online rental program, but they sent me 4. So, I thought it was a new member thing or they just messed up and would fix it when I sent a movie back. Nope, sent a movie back and they are sending out another...keeping my rental qty at 4 at a time. :cheesy: They just better make sure that my renewal at the next billing cycle is for the correct plan! :cool:
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