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22% off at petfooddirect.com thru March 30


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Following the link should automatically apply discount when you add items to cart.

If not, use code PET3513.





*This coupon is valid for everything in our store, except: Rx Items, Fish Products, Free Shipping items, gift certificates, and magazines. One time use per customer. Not valid outside the Continental United States.

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When I first ordered from them I also thought "Whoa" when I saw the shipping.


But, their prices on Greenies beats our local Petsmart so we buy from them on a

regular basis. The discount covers the shipping so we actually come out ahead.


Guess it depends on what you order :)

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I also use petfood direct. My dog is only 14 lbs, so I don't have to order that often. They have several lines of premium food that my local stores don't carry and my lil one has stomach issues, so I think it's a great place to shop. The discounted food prices make up for the shipping and I don't have to go on an extensive search for food. Also, if you get on a routine mailing option, they give shipping discounts. I plan on doing that with my next shipment. If you have a large dog and using lots of food, even if the price is not that much cheaper or the same, I'd think the convenience of having it delivered to your door vs lugging it arround it worth it alone.
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Guest 1toto1
Even with their 22% off and before shipping is added they are still higher then Walmart on Cesar's small dog food.
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