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Need help buying a laptop

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I finally convinced DH that I need a laptop (or should I say he caved in). Now I need help finding a decent one. I don't think I need anything too extravagant, will be using it for some business stuff, programs like word & excel, then for basic internet stuff. Can someone help point me in a direction of a good one? Oh, and I'd like to stay in the $500-$600 range if possible.
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Look at these Dell's and Gateway's at Bestbuy. They are in your price range. I bought a Gateway laptop last April for about $600 and love it! I use mine for web surfing, digital scrapbooking with Adobe CS3 (which is a resource hog of a program), and general business stuff in MS Office. I am very happy with my Dell desktop and my Gateway laptop, but don't have much experience with other brands.


Happy shopping!

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