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Omaha Steak

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I ordered from them a while ago and loved some of their producst. I just ordered from them again this weekend to get a great deal on some meat products of theirs. If you want, PM me and I will send you a coupon for $10 off your order! That way you can get something really cheap! And they ship pretty fast. I placed my order on Saturday and they will deliver to me on Tuesday or Wednesday of this week. So I think thats great! The desserts are amazing! The meat is really good. I think they are worth it!
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As a frequent business traveler, I exchange Marriott points for Omaha Steaks. These are the best I have found...and generally, they run specials where frozen cookie dough is free (they are huge squares, need to cut them into 3 pieces for a regular-size one). We grill them every summer and have not had any complaints.


They do arrive on dry ice within a styrofoam container. If you ask Customer Service for any deals / specials / promos, they will apply it to your order.


Oh, and if you have a Omaha Steaks outlet store near you, take the catalog along for easier shopping.



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