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I Hate Leapfrog!!

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Ok here's my story.

I was having problems with one of the Leapster Lmax that I bought from leapfrog website in December 2007. I called them up in january first week explaining the problem. They asked me to do some tests on the leapster unit. At the end of the call, she told me that that unit is defective and just send it "as is" to them right away, they will look at the system and she will send in a replacement unit.

I shipped the whole thing to them. I called them up and I described them that my battery pack is in it, make sure you send it back. She told me that I was not supposed to send it. I told her that I wasnt told anything like that instead the previous associate insisted to send it "just as is".

She told me dont worry, she will make sure that they send it back along with the new Leapster.


Call 2: Few days later I called them to inquire if they received it and whether they have successfully put the battery pack aside. That lady told me that they wont be able to send the battery pack to me. I was very upset. So she said she will talk to her manager and will get back to me.


Mail: Got an email from them that they do not carry the battery packs alone anymore. If one wants, then one will have to buy the whole charging kit. The best they can do is sell me the Leapset recharging kit for 50% off.


Call 3: I called again and told the customer service that why should I pay again for what I have already paid full price for and it wasn't even my fault.

She said that she is not authorised to make such a decision so she will talk to her manager. I waited for few minutes, she came back on the line and told me that her manager is busy with other customer so she will talk to her and send me an email.

AND I inquired that its been so many days since they received my unit, when will i receive new one, she told me that they do not have blue leapster in stock anymore and March 3rd it will be back in stock.


No email for few days


Call 4: I explained the whole situation again, she told me that she will send an email to coorporate department and if they approve it then it will be no problem for them sending me a new charging kit.


2 weeks later....


Call 5: Customer service said that she will send a follow up email to check if my matter has been looked into and any decision has been made. So far she had not heard anything about it.


2 months since I sent in my leapset lmax,

I received the new (I hope so!) leapster lmax unit today. Here is the problem. They have sent me this unit in a brown box that they received their units in from the manufacturer I guess (its a brown box that holds 2 leapsters.) On the box outside it says along with some other bar codes, "W/SCREEN COVER REMOVED".

They sent me a leapster that does not have a screen cover and they had full knowledge of it. What the H*** is going on....?

The last leapster did not have the cover either so i had called them about it and they promised to ship one at no charge. But just a few days later I was having these problems so I had to send in my whole leapster unit. They never sent me the cover and I never followed up thinking that since they gonna send me a new one, that will have the cover anyway so why pursue it.


I HATE leapfrog!:gdangry4::gdcensored::gdangry3: They just dont care for their customers. I have bought so much stuff from them during christmas time for my kids and for gifts. They dont even consider that. I would NEVER want to deal with them if I can help it.


I dont know what to do now. Do I B**** H*** :censored: buy a recharging kit from them at 50% off or just use the AA rechargeable batteries. They recommend not to use the AA rechargeable batteries (I dont know why). So I am afraid to use it in case it damages the system.


Does any body here can give me some opinions about this.


I was hoping venting out will help, but actually I am more mad than I was before. I feel so ripped off. :(

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I don't know anything about the Lmax handhelds, but I would call customer service again. BUT this time ask to speak to a supervisor who CAN make decisions. If they tell you all the managers are busy with other customers just tell them that's all right I don't mind waiting. Good luck, I hope you get everything worked out!
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I don't know anything about the Lmax handhelds, but I would call customer service again. BUT this time ask to speak to a supervisor who CAN make decisions. If they tell you all the managers are busy with other customers just tell them that's all right I don't mind waiting. Good luck, I hope you get everything worked out!

This is what I would do also! I had a bad L-Max at Christmas and I had not problems returning it! I called told them it did not work and I sent it back in the packaging and they sent me and identical one within 3 weeks!


They told you to send it back to them as is and that is the directions they gave you, so stick by that. Call when you have time to just wait for a supervisor, explain you side and stick to your guns. Your charger is somewhere, they could either send it back, or replace it!

Good luck!

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I would keep after them too. You paid for the product, and you have followed thier instructions. I am sorry you are having so many problems with them. I have not bought any of their hand helds but DD is still using her my first leap pad. we have lots of other leap frog toys as well but nothing has been an issue for us. I hope you get some satisfaction.
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Okay so I also had a problem with our Leapster L-max that my son got for Christmas. The CS rep told me to just send the unit. Not even to include the cord that came with it or anything. She made sure to note that I should get some sort of tracking number on it also.


Well I also called and was told they were backordered and told it would ship on March 3rd. Well I called later on that week to see, the lady tried to tell me that it was still backordered. I said that I was told it was shipping on the 3rd. She then gave me a tracking number and would not even tell me when it shipped. Well I typed the tracking number in on the UPS website and it came back something like the package had been requested on the 15th of February. Well I called UPS to see what this meant, and she said it meant that they printed a shipping label but then never supplied the package to UPS to be delivered. She then told me to contact the shipper.


Well I then contacted Leapfrog and told them this. They stated that it would be sent and I would recieve it within 10 to 15 business days. Then magically the tracking number was active, and I recieved it within like 7 days I believe.


While I don't believe this was handled the greatest, at least they do stand behind their product. I am sorry that you weren't informed to not send anything else in. They clearly spelled that out for me, even going to the point to ask me what accessories I had and what I specifically needed to send in.


As far as AA rechargables, they are not recommended as the L-Max alerts you when the battery is starting to go dead. Apparently even when fully charged the rechargables are not as stroing as a regular battery and will set off the alarm thus causing more of an annoyance than an actual functional issue I believe (although I would hate to sit there and listen to it beep all day while knowing full well the battery was fine).


And finally as far the protective cover, I was told the same things you were but then finally got the answer that they designed the new L-max a little different and thus the old covers would not fit. They are expecting these to arrive in about 3 months at which time I was told to call back and request one free of charge.


Hope that all helps!! Sorry for your terrible experiance!!

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Thank you all for listening to me. Its very upsetting to go thru this and have it dragged for such a long time rather get resolved soon.

I will call them again tomorrow. Since the rep said yesterday that within 24-28 hrs she will get back to me, I will give her till tomm afternoon. If she does not get back to me by then, I will call them and this time I will make sure they connect me to a manager.


I will update tomm.


Thanks once again for your support guys.

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