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Cricut cartridges

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www.cricut.com was running a promo w/ Walmart carts. You can buy any 2 at WM, send in your receipts and a printable form found on www.cricut.com, and they would send you a cartridge of your choice for S/H.


I am not sure if it's still valid, it may have been 2/1-2/29.


Also, Michael's has been running them for $45 on sale some weeks, and Hobby Lobby just started running them 2/99 some weeks.


If you go to www.creatingkeepsakes/mb, sometimes posters report sales at online stores. I have gotten a couple for $29 in the past.


If you find a deal on the Paper Doll Dress Up cart during your search, please let me know!

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I bought 9 cartridges right before Christmas at creativexpress.com when they had their big sale. I paid less than I would have paid for 4 cartridges at walmart, and I got some great cartridges. I don't know how often they run this sale, but if you bought 4 or more cartridges they were only $27.00 each. I think shipping was around $8.00 for each order. (I ordered 5, then another order of 4.) I checked their site a week or so ago, and didn't find much on sale right now, but I'll definitely check there first from now on! Also, I noticed yesterday that walmart has the new cricut design studio software for $65.00. I haven't checked the price anywhere else but I think it's supposed to retail for $80 or $90.
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