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Gross Songs Music CD & Activity Booklet $1 @ graveyardmall.com <funny!>


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Thank you! I got the CD and some other great easter basket stuffers.

What I got:

A Chicago Bears Note Pad, pencil sharpener, troll doll and puffy stickers

A Patriots wrist bag

A NY Giants Teddy Bear Figure

A Saint Louis Cardinals Photo Frame

A Lego Basketball Pen


All for between $1-$4 each.

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Wow, super... I got these for goodie bags for my daughters Shrek birthday party in April...the kids are going to love them, and it totally fits with the swamp theme!! Thank you, thank you , thank you...I've been searching for goodies for a reasonable price!!
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I just got my CD in the mail today. It is a great easter basket stuffer for any boy. A lot better quality than I thought it would be for a $1. The poster above has a great idea for birthday party favors.:yup:
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My shipping was $4.99. When I factored in the shipping, the items came to about $2 each. Still at $2, this is a good deal for the CD. We have tons of boys at my house and are always singing "Greasy Grimey Gopher Guts" and "Everybody Hates Me songs". It will be a funny item to give and have the songs on CD. We also argue over what are the right words to the songs, so this will end this dispute.:D
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