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I love an unexpected deal :)

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I had to pick some office supply stuff up, but all my coupons had expired. I checked the mail on the way to the store and lo and behold there was an Office Depot coupon. The coupon started at 10 off of 50.


When I got to Office Depot I picked up the stuff I needed, but had trouble finding a Bluetooth Mouse for my new laptop. I had to ask an associate to help me. The shelf price said 49.99, but I figured at least with the coupon I would get 10 off and gave in and bought it.


When I got to the checkout the mouse rang up for 39.99. The cashier had to force the $10 coupon because the system would not take it. When the receipt printed she realized why...there was already a $10 rebate on it.


So by the time I get the $10 MIR back I will have gotten a $49.99 Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse for $19.99 -- and to think I almost didn't buy it so I could research a deal lol.

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