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ok- I did a search on this & the last posts were from 05-06- so... Has anyone seen a good deal on an elliptical lately? 2 yrs ago I paid $$$$ to join a gym (for 1 yr) and the thing I LOVED LOVED LOVED was the elliptical- such a GREAT workout and easy on the joints! (problems with my knees) So now I REALLY want one!


I looked at sears and wal-mart- wal mart has them for like $270 and $480.


Anyone know anything? Brand wise? Good place to buy? Price?


THANKS SO MUCH in advance!

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I think the better brands will cost you around $600-800.


Have you considered getting a second hand elliptical? I would search Craigslist (select a local city on the right) and a local sports store.


Sears usually offers 10% off if you pay with their credit card, that's a savings of $50 on a $500 purchase.

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I just purchased this elliptical from Sears...it was on clearance ($300 OFF)...$599.89 + shipping or free in-store pickup. I will be bringing it home tomorrow and can let you know how good it is later. The reviews on it are excellent...best I've seen on any elliptical in this price range.



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I would suggest that you test it out first. Most home ellipticals does not have the full range of motion as the ones in the gym. The cheaper ones have a more circular range of motion (like a stair stepper) instead of a full elliptical range of motion.


I bought this Nordic Track model.




It works well, but it is quite large (and heavy), and it takes up a lot of space, since it cannot be folded down.

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