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Toddler Baseball Jersey

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Alright, I am in need of a Cleveland Indians baseball jersey. It can be anywhere from a 2T-4T. I have been looking for one forever and have yet to find it.


It is what I need to finish off a two year project of my son...


Within one frame is 9 pictures.... of his first two years


The center picture is an 8 by 10.. with him sitting backwards.. with his "name' jersey on with all the sports stuff around him... color added so the sports stuff is in color


the first set of four pictures.. all have the sports and flag colored.. him in black and white.

3 months.. holding up head.. baseball pic

6 months..sitting up.. soccer ball

9 months..standing..basketball

12 months.. walking.. football


for his second year.. we did the plain back background and jerseys..jerseys are color added


15 months.. Cleveland Browns

18 months.. Ohio State

21 months.. Cavs

24 months... INDIANS if we ever find the jersey..

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