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help w/american girl


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ok if this is not in the right place please feel free to move it..

i promised my god child this doll. i have no problem buying it. but is there are coupon?? or code for shipping? i dont have girls so im really clueless with this one .. lol thanks

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You may want to check out the website www.americangirl.com. We just received an email a couple of days ago stating that they have up to 60% off select items. I'm sure it will not be off of any dolls, but you may be able to find clothes/accessories that are a decent price. Other than that I suggest if/when you do get a doll to check out your local craft shows for someone who makes and sells the clothes. Usually it is much cheaper to get them that way, and you don't have to pay shipping like on Ebay.


Also-I think the sale on the website only lasted until approximately the 18th, but would have to double check on that.

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I'm soo glad you got the doll. Is it in good condition? You should let the delivery company know about this.

I hope she has fun on her birthday!


At the Barnes and Noble and the Borders bookstore near me they had a few Mini Doll and Book Sets. They are really cute! They are about $20, but might be cute for Valentines Day or Easter.



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