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Macy's BOGO shoe sale

Dena Neal

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This is second hand information but it seemed creditable (from a girl that I work with that purchased stuff) so I thought I would share. I will check this out tomorrow and let everyone know how it went.


My friend @ work went to Macy's last night and was able to purchase 2 big name brand boots (the high ones) for $80 total. She said that all of the shoes were bogo... we're in the Cincinnati OH area if this is a YMMV thing....


If anyone else has details... please chime in.... thx

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Sunday (the 20th ) when I went they had bogo on kids clearance. 3 pairs of cords and 9 name brank (Nike, adidas, etc) shirts for $31 and that was with tax! I have been watching the paper this week and only thing I see is additional 30% off clearance so I was wondering if my good luck was just a different. Hope you all are right. Let me finished getting ready so I can go. lol
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