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BEST BUY 20% off PS3 Jan 25-29


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I got my regular best buy coupons in the mail today. I opened it up and it says on the front 20% of all Blu-Ray Disc and HD DVD players. I figured well this must exclude the PS3. But on it no where does it say it excludes the PS3. It does say it excludes the HD DVD add on for the 360 but no mention of the PS3 here is the scan of it. See Below to see the full version and tell me if i am wrong.



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I think this is too far of a stretch as imo, BB will not honor this coupon for a PS3 (it wont hurt to try though). To me, a PS3 is not a Blu Ray player even though it plays them. For example, a DVD player also plays CD and Mp3s, but is not a CD player nor an Mp3 player. I couldn't use my 10% off Mp3 players for my Dvd Player purchase.
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we just got our PS3 from Sonystyle because of their $100 off with new CC application. There was absolutely no deals anywhere else for a PS3= but now I read somewhere they are goign to cut $50 off! Bummer!
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