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Children's Place January Birthday Coupon link


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Has anyone been to Children's Place or the CP Outlet lately? I am searching for good winter deals for my DD6 for her next year's wardrobe. I really scored when the summer clothes went on sale for $2.99 and less. Thanks!


I was at mine yesterday and they had 50% off the clearance price. I didn't get any $2.99 deals but I still found some great stuff.:D

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I used the coupon in the store today, and it worked perfectly !!

All the signs said 50% off last price, but the stuff was coming up cheaper.

I got some cute shoes and sneakers for $7.49 !!

Of course, my daughter fell in love with a full price item, I bought it to get her to try on the clearance items, but it is going back LOL.

Thanks MSTamper for the coupon link !! 20% was great !!:)

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