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3 Pairs of shoes for $19.99 - red hat style at grasshoppers.com


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My mother actually spotted this deal - great if you are a Red Hatter or know one...or don't mind the style regardless. She says these shoes are nice quality and really comfortable. Grasshoppers.com is offering any 3 Red Hat style shoes (loafers, tennis shoes, etc) for $19.99 + shipping (but free ship if over $75). Regular prices of the shoes range from $29.99 -$34.99 each. Just add 3 to your cart and price will automatically become a total of $19.99.









offer good until 1/31/08

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If you sign up to receive their emails (do this before you place an order) they will email you thanking you for signing up. In that email there is a FREE SHIPPING code that you can use on your first order. Its a one time use code and must be used within 15 days of receiving the email. Sure makes this an even better deal.
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I really like the white leather tennis shoes. I bought a pair at the Red Hat convention in St. Louis a year and a half ago. I've worn those shoes almost constantly, and wanted to replace them. My mother also bought a pair. They are very comfortable! They are embroidered with little red hats and tiny purple flowers. I don't think they scream "red hat," so anyone could wear them.
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