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Buy one TV DVD box set, get second free @ DeepDiscount.com


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At DeepDiscount.com, purchase one select TV DVD Box Set and get a second for free via coupon code "BOGOSONYTV".




Plus, shipping is free. Deal ends January 25. Some best bets:


Dave Chappelle - For What It's Worth for $9.50;

The King of Queens - Season 1 for $30.10;

Charlie's Angels - The Complete First Season for $36.76; and

Dilbert - The Complete Series for $37.39.




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Be careful ordering from this site. I had a really bad experience with them over Christmas. I ordered PS2 DDR Supernova 2 Bundle for my daughter. After 3 weeks they sent me just the game - no dance mat - therefore it wasn't the bundle. When I looked up my order under "my Account" on their website it definately said I ordered the bundle. So I look at the item on their website and it is now $20 more than it was when I ordered. So I called customer service and after waiting on hold for 1/2 an hour - they said that I had ordered just the game. I told her "no I ordered the bundle and it says so on your website. She said if I faxed her a copy of that page as proof they would take care of it. So I did and waited. Nothing. I call back the next day and after holding for 1/2 an hour again, they tell me they are out of stock of what I ordered and they won't have them until the 28th of December but would upgrade it to 2 day shipping. Well it was a Christmas present but for my daughter so I said OK I still want it. The next day I get an email saying that the item is discontinued. So I call again half an hour later they say yes it is discontinued. I said it is still listed on your website as in stock and available. They said well our IT ppl are having trouble keeping up. They tell me my only choice is to return the game for refund or keep what I have. So I had to go search the mall for the correct item and luckily found it. So I put the game they sent me with their return address label in the mail on December 22nd. I'm still waiting for my credit. They say they haven't received it yet. I also emailed them 2 days ago from hubby's email and asked them if they still had the bundle pack in stock. They assured me that it was in stock and available. So just be careful when you buy from this company. I would never buy from them again no matter what they offered.
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I love DeepDiscount! I'm in no hurry, so I always use the free shipping. My best deal this recently was 'Star Trek-The Motion Pictures'(all 10 movies,20 DVDs) for $38.88; You can't beat that anywhere. Today I bought 'The Nanny' S1 & S2 for $30.10 total as part of the B1G1 free deal.
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