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digital photo frame that is easy-to-use

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We purchased a "no-name" digital frame for my father-in-law for Christmas that turned out to be a disaster. Yes, I know it was a mistake, but we were trying to save a few bucks and all but the most expensive frames were out of stock everywhere (since hubby left this a little late).


For various reasons, we are returning the frame (if any of you buy from w o o t.com, then you may have heard or experienced the frame of which I speak) and now we owe him a new one. The rush is over, maybe we'll find something in stock?? But even more important is a recommendation --

what frame in the $100. or slightly less range would 'you' buy for an 86-year-old? He's pretty computer-savvy and would probably prefer a frame with onboard memory. His camera uses xD cards, and I've noticed that not all of the frames support this, which is why the onboard memory is probably better. (I don't think his PC has a card reader/writer and it might be a little too hard for his hands to keep working with an SD card and writer).


All suggestions would be welcome. I've googled til my eyes have crossed :cheesy: and I'm dying for some help.:)

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We also bought a SmartParts, but the 7" frame from CC. It is wonderful but we preloaded the SD cards and put them in it before we gifted it to the parents. SD cards aren't that expensive anymore and card readers are also pretty cheap. Look for resolution above all, that is my $.02.
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Update --


Thanks for the SmartParts recommendations. I've been unable to find any in-stock locally and didn't want my father-in-law to wait any longer. Ended up with the 7" Pandigital (at Staples) for a reasonable price.


Easy to set up; has 128MB internal memory plus it supports his xD card! We transferred his favorite photos from the PC and a couple of CDs, and he's very happy.

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I love my Kodak although it is a little pricer. It works great, is easy to use AND looks great.


I got the larger version at 179.99 but there are others out there. It also supports XD! (I use 2 camara's that have SD and XD so I wanted to find a frame that supported BOTH. Until this year it was hard to find a frame that supported XD!)


Congrats on your purchase, glad it worked out!

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