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home theater projector help

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2 years ago someone on Gottadeal told me about a projector that Staples had that had been refurbished. Well, I bought it for my husband and needless to say we love it. The lamp is going bad in it now and it cost almost as much as the infocus did to begin with.


So, my question is this....does anyone know of any good deals on projectors? Also, tell me what to look for in a new projector with the tv stuff changing around soon. Any tips, on which one to buy and where to buy it would be greatly appreciated. DH's bday is soon so I hope to surprise him.


Thanks for any help!!

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we got our home theater projector from TheGeeks.com, as well as the HD screen...I believe you are supposed to check the lumens and the 16:9 ratio which is pretty typical for HD. HTH!! We splurged two years ago and paid for the Mitsubishi HD1000 and it is great in our theater room for boxing matches and just plain movies...and when DH and the boys hook up the PS3 and put in a blueray movie, the picture is awesome. Good luck!!:)
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