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Looking for squishy pillow!! Please help!


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I am completely finished shopping for my mom except for this one pesky item, which by the way was only added to her list about 3 days ago. It's those squishy pillows with the tiny beads inside them, like a bean bag, with a cylindrical shape. I think people use them on airplanes and such. She loves the one she has but it got a small rip in it and has started to lose the little styrofoam beads. I figured no problem, 10 bucks at Bed Bath and Beyond or LnT and bam problem solved. Well, tonight I went to both places only to be told they didn't have them in the store at all! I think that's so strange. So anyway, if anyone knows of a store that carries them, preferably brick and mortar as it's so close to Christmas, I would be so appreciative. Thanks so much for any help. Merry Christmas!
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Thanks! We are braving the crowds tomorrow and one stop we have to make is at Target, so we will check there. Our Kohls didn't have any, (but then again, my sister went by herself and well let's just say I'm sure she didn't look as hard as I would have, lol), and the one she got at Walgreen's was almost perfect except it's not as slinky or squishy, whichever word describes it best! So, tomorrow it's Walmart and Target. Anyway, thanks to everyone for helping me out.
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