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digital frame

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I just gave my dad one that I bought at Herbergers, Younkers is a sister store and may have same product. It was on sale $99.99 and it was 8 inches and it was simple for me to put the photos on a card, plug it in and watch it go. I was very pleased with it. I can't remember the brand but they only had one that was 8 inches.

Good luck!

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Office max has a 7" on sale for $59.99 if you can find one that has it in stock (I am looking too). They also have an 8 or 8.5" on sale for $99.99. You can see both if you view the ad online. There is also a coupon on the homepage for $10 off $50 that you can print out, but it expires tomorrow. HTH.
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I know you were asking for the 8", but there is a 7" pandigital at Bed Bath and Beyond for $89.99 that might fit your need.


It has 128mb included memory, so you do not have to buy an external memory card right away.


Also, I don't know if you get it in the mail, but Bed Bath and Beyond always has the 20% any one item mailer that you could use to reduce your cost to @$72.


Good luck



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