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looking for a video camera


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our video camera decided it was gonna crap out on us right before christmas which is my sons 1st christmas (plus we recorded the 1st 2 kids so it's only fair to do the 3rd child) and my 2nd daughter birthday is coming


anyone know were I can find a nice one for a nice price. Say under 300.00 until we can get the one that my husband wants which is over 1,000 it's high def.

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The aiptek ones are pretty cheap (sold at target) they also have like 5-7 megapixels. I havent had any experience iwth them but they dont seem bad. Also, if you have a digital camera see if it has a video mode. Or maybe its time to upgrade the digital camera and get one that does video in the process. That way you'll have something that you will really use (as opposed to two camcorders). Two cameras=good. Two camcorders=why. JMHO.
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