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Free Shipping from Oneshare.com (stock certificates)


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^^^ is this reliable... not a scam?


i mean the oneshare thing, not the free shipping

Yes, they sell stock certificates. The actual paper stock, suitable for framing. It's a very expensive way to buy a large quantity of stock, they're really meant as gifts.


It's reliable, I've purchased two stocks from them about two years ago (as noted in my first post).

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my mom has stocks within the company she works for.... you can withdraw it anytime but stocks go up and down so someone without being a genius knows that he/she should withdraw it when the stocks are up...


i dont know if it applies here as well.


im pretty sure there are restrictions to these stocks as opposed to my mom's stocks.

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ok this is interesting..... so you are purchasing stock share??


Is it or will it ever be worth anything??

if you give it as a gift... does the person ever have a change to trade?? or somthing...


... ok brain block over here..I've never heard of this please explain this....LOL

The share you buy is worth whatever the share is currently being traded for. So, if you buy someone a share of Disney, and Disney stock goes from it's current $34 to $75 and your recipient decides to sell it to a broker, they would make $41 (not including the broker's fees).


But, honestly, these are meant as keepsakes or gifts, not as a way to make "real" money. Some of the companies do pay dividends and/or send out newsletters.


From their FAQ page:


"Are these real shares of stock?


Do fish love water? Yes! These are live, official stocks from publicly traded companies that have been purchased on the stock exchange.


Likewise, when you give someone the gift of stock, they become real shareholders! They're automatically entitled to all shareholder privileges and benefits, including dividends (if declared), annual reports, the right to attend shareholder meetings, and company voting rights!


What is a stock certificate?


A stock certificate is the official piece of paper that is evidence of ownership in one or more shares of a company.


These days, the stock certificates of publicly traded companies are tough to obtain (not to mention highly collectible), but we do all the work for you. And we make it easy and fun! "


More answers to questions here: http://www.oneshare.com/Help.aspx

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