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I need a new microwave tray???

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Ya know the glass ones that rotate, I took ours out to wash it & my dh dropped something out of the cabinet & it broke!!:mad: I've looked everywhere...I'm starting think I'm just gonna have to buy a new microwave!! So does anyone know if you can buy these indivisually & or where?? Thanks so much!!
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With the prices of microwaves being what they are these days, it might be cheaper to buy a brand-new microwave vs. replacing the rotating tray...

Thats what I'm thinkin, wish I would have bought one on black friday.... I went to the website for Sharp & they want $49.99 just for the tray:eek:


micwrigh~ I have a Sharp carousel but I don't know if their one size or many different models, I'll look into it

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