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Interactive Globe for 8 yr old


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My DD is 4 but she loves our regular globe and atlas at home. She can name the continents and the oceans so I got her the Leap Smart Globe at Kohls on BF with the sale price and my 15% off coupon it was under $55 so it qualified me for $10 in Kohls bucks. I don't see it online but you may want to see if they have any left at a Kohls near you.
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What kind is it? When I click the link (http://www.kbtoys.com/genProduct.htm...4Ba9A65A8D2CB4 ), I just get the KB main page.

Oops....Sorry. Trying to get this linking and pictures down. (I'm still new :yup:)




Smart Globe


Oregon Scientific




This item currently ships FREE via Standard Shipping.




Price: $99.99

Sale Price: $89.99

Savings: $10.00 (10%)




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This is the one my boys have. Its pretty cool. I just can't give any advice on finding it cheap. They don't seem to go down in price much even when they are on sale.


That looks great. I like how they have that United States panel at the bottom. We had one of those flat things, but the inormation available was very limited.

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Unfortunately only the girly ones (Bratz and Barbie) are actuallly cheap...I have 2 boys 5 and 8...why isn't there a Pirates or GI Joe globe :-)..


Anyway, Shopping Mom you are awesome! I told my mom about the Kohl's idea...she has one in her town 25 mi. away and we don't. She went this morning and they had 1 Leapfrog Explorer model. Originally $99 with 25% off. Plus she had a 20% coupon and sales clerk told her to come back and get her over 55 discount Wed. as well. Thanks so much for the tip...DS will be thrilled!

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