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Need to Buy for 40 Employees on a 100.00 Budget


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I thought about the same thing to be honest with you!


But the money I'm using for the Christmas party is supposed to goto a safety party. Mainly to be used for food. We have already put up a tree and lights that came from my house.


I asked the guys what they want IF I could buy them gifts. All of them said FUN stuff. They are the ones who brought up decks of cards and board games. They work hard all year and their money earned goes towards stuff they have to have. Many of them buy beer everyday. So I guess in their minds beer is just another thing they have to have. Their money is put towards rent or boarding room rent, car note (some have cars and other walk and have bikes).


My point is, They wanted fun stuff because usually don't buy themselves fun things.


So thats what I bought!


I bought books, crosswords, wordfinds, dice, coffee cups with candy in them, checkers, chess, Tv Trivia, diminos, cards and little fun things.


My workers do not expect anything from us for christmas. But after we all out up the tree and lights and they thanked me and some saying that our tree may be the only tree they can call their on this year, I wanted to get them gifts.


Many of these people do not have homes, so I wanted to get stuff that could go in their backpacks, stuff that could be used/played with while they are waiting for their ticket to go out.


I am breaking up the gifts so each of them will get 1 big thing or 2 small things (crossword and the deck of cards)


I wanted to get them something to remind them that the world is not all bad.


And if I remember correctly, It's not the cost of the gift that matters, IT'S THE THOUGHT!


Does any of that make since?

Perfectly to me! And I think the gifts you did end up buying sound like perfect gifts for these workers. Good job!!!

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I sat down last night and wrapped 44 gifts!!!! WOW! They are all in the same paper and now I need to buy bows. The kids were helping me and Ally & Eric is going to go to the party with me and play elf for me. That way they can had out the gifts and Little Eric and see that something little can really brighten someone's day.
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I just saw some around the head ear warmers (like 180's) in the Ace Hardware ad for $1. I know you have your gifts wrapped, but I wanted to let you know anyway.



Have fun with your party! You should put sparkles on your childrens cheeks, like in The Santa Clause. I bet they will make wonderful elves.


PS I saw a bags of bows at Target for $1 I don't remeber how many are in the bag, I think 10-12.

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A friend of mine did the plastic ornament balls for a couple of bucks at walmart. She then put something on each one with the date. Like some where for her dd's class and she put the school intials and the year. then she put them in a party favor bag with some of that shreded paper in the bottom and tied with curly ribbon. They turned out really cute. I have also bought a box of hot coco, candy canes, hershey kisses and some large marshmellows and taken them and put them in a baggie and tied the candy cane on and put a "recipe" for chocolate snowman soup on it. (Can't remember exactly how it went but something like add 3 lg. marshmellows, kisses, coco to hot water and stir with candy cane and watch him melt!!) That is done really cheap too, like 50 of them for less than $8. I think what you are doing is great. I'm glad to see that you are also thinking about your employess "home" and being able to travel with their presents. I know it will be a great party and everyone will enjoy it. It is always the thought that counts.
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The party went great!!!!


Everyone liked their gifts. I went to the dollar store and bought tonsof cookies, candy, and choc covered cherrys, plus some bags for them to take stuff with them.


Everyone was nice. My kids had fun passing gifts out. No one complained and everyone said thank you. As for as I know, we are the only day lador company around here that does anything like what I did and that is from most of my employees mounths!


thanks everyone for your help!


I will say that friday was the worst day ever for me! My boss is on vacation and that sales person we have was supposed to come in at 5:30 and help do everything. Well he didn't show up. I handled it though. But then my mom called and she has a blockage in her neck and will have to have surgery. I was crying, she was crying. My home office called right at that time and Jan knew I was crying, she called my DM. DM called me and this was like at 11:00, he made the sales guy call me. I was pissed my then and I let him have it. DM even said to let him have it b/c sales guy smarted off to me earlier saying that I didn't need any help eating cookies. What a jerk he is! Anyway I really let him have it. His excuse for not coming in until 2:30 was that he was at the doc with a hurt ankle. When he came in he was on curtches. I kid you NOt, he was switching feet. My boss was there waiting on fedex to bring our checks, he stepped outside and sales guy called him trying to get out of work for the rest of the day..... I walked outside, boss handed me the checks and he left. I walked in and said lets go to the kids and we left! Sales guy was pissed! He needs to go! He's lazy, rude and does not care about our employees. He acts like a kids that had everything handed to him in life and was never held accountable for anything. He is messing with the wrong girl if he thinks he is going to continue to be hateful to me.


He yelled at me right in front of DM this week and DM took are of it right in front of me! But he promised to help with the party and didn't.

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