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walmart Credit Card question Help!!


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So I was online last night and saw the Sony Blue Ray DVD offer. Player with 10 DVD's for 349. So for the hell of it I applied for the credit card because I was not planning on the extra gift for DH and didn;t want to put it on out CC. Got approved.. You don't get the cc#!!! So, it is an online special for the day only and I can;t get the cc#. Someone told me to go into store with DL.... store tells me you can't do that... DOES ANYONE KNOW?? I have been on the phone with different people since 6:30 it is now 9:20!!!! It was an online deal again today btu I am sure by the time i get card.. deal will be over. argh!! :mad:
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That's sort of why i even applied. I was thinking surprise gift and no interest! I explained to everyone on the earth last night. My neighbor told me to go in and apply and my account nu,ber will pop up that I already have one.. but store won;t honor price. It is on there again today... keep yur fingers crossed it stays on a few more days. Worst case, i get it and no free dvd's i guess. There was no good selection anyway!!
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