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Black Friday at Outlet Malls...


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Albertville MN Outlet Mall


Until about a week ago, I never thought about going to an outlet mall for BF. I am usually far too busy with Best Buy/Circuit City/WalMart and Target. We were at the Coach outlet (where my wife was deciding what she wanted for X-Mas) and then we went to the Polo Ralph Lauren Factory Store. I love some of their Sweaters and were then at work every day. For the last year, their prices were crap, and they rarely had the styles I wanted. So I was floored to go in there and find a bunch of sweaters I liked, in my size, already 30-40% off. I then found out that there would be an extra 20% off on BF-and they open at midnight (so I could still go to Wal-Mart for 5am).


Got to the Mall at 5am. Coach had 300+ people in line (with no signs of any additional sale/discount that I could find). Nothing else had a line. I sat in the warm car until 11:30, and they let us in early.


Here were the deals (The 3 prices I will quote are the regular outlet price, the price when I was there 2 days before, and my price).

-3 Wool Cable Knit Wool Sweater (solid color)-$98/$50/$32

-3 Cotton Sweaters (solid color)-$90/$40/$32

-3 Polo Shirts-$50-$55/??/$22-$28

-2 Leather Jackets (Brown, and Black-both Bomber Jackets)-$400/$300/$240

-2 Woll Sweaters (patterned) $50/$80/$62


So, yeah, $32 each for 6 Polo Sweaters? Sold!


Was out of the Store at 12:10.


Went to the Coach Store, and the line was still insane. Fortunately, we bought everything my wife wanted since they were already in short supply. Glad we did. Still have no idea what the sale was (if any). The sign next to my wife's bag was the same as 2 days earlier.


When I left, there was a backup of cars 2 miles long to the Interstate. Then I-94 had a backup of cars 3 miles long trying to get off at the Outlet Mall!


Had a great time at Wal-Mart too. Got there at 1am (24 hr WalMart-so I waited inside). Got this:

-2 DVD players (upgrades to 1080p) $35/each.

-Sopranoes Season 1-3 ($20/each)

-Zune 30GB Player $80 (TRU Price Match)

-Wii Mario Galaxy $35 (Circuit City Price Match)

-Wii Sonic/Secret Rings $20 (Best Buy Price Match)


-Out the door at 5:15am and in bed bt 6am (thank geedness I had the day off!).


So, anyone get any good deals at outlet malls? And, I think Coach had an extra 10% off, anybody know for sure?

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