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UMD's for $4.99 @ gamestop.com (40 titles)


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It's a code you would have gotten last time you ordered. ;) I've used it twice so far.


Last time I ordered Stuart Little 1 & 2 so I got Stuart Little 3 this time. I also got Big Daddy. I love that movie! While I was there, I grabbed the Achievements & Unlockables as well as a Halo 3 Guide for hubby. They had a bumper car game for 360 for $2.99 so I got that for myself and the kids. If we get even slight entertainment from it, it will be worth it. :) I don't like all that Gears of War and Halo stuff he plays!

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Didn't get any UMDs, but the games I was running to get at Gamestop tomorrow are on sale at BF pricing right now! Free shipping w/ the code (thanks so much). One less store to run to! Yeah.


Got PSP Rainbow six Vegas.... 9.99 ($20 off origonal price)

PSP Call of Duty Roads to Victory.... 14.99 ($25 off origonal price)

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can somebody please tell me how to get free shipping... i enter the code but all it says is that itll give me free shipping the NEXT TIME i order... i dont get it..

Choose the USA Value shipping option.





I also picked up Mortal Combat Unchained for only $9.99 for the PSP. It has great reviews and seems to be a somewhat newer game.

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