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DVD player will not work with new HDTV - what to do?


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I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this or not. Please feel free to move!


We just purchased the 32" Olevia LCD from Sears. We have a cheapo DVD player that we got for about $15 on BF a year or two ago. The DVD player does connect and a picture coming from the DVD player does show up on the TV. However, everything is in black and white! We tried a couple of discs.


So, we tried my more expensive DVD player that doesn't play DVD's anymore but we can hook it up and see the DVD screen on the TV. This initial screen was in color!


What is going on? Looks like the DVD player is to "blame"!


Does the DVD player need to be a progressive scan DVD player to work on a HDTV? :confused:

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