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Fisher Price Learn and Cook Kitchen


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I think it's called that, but my 5 year old has been wanting it, but it's so darn expensive. Does anyone know where we can get one at a discounted price? We are trying to get our kids everything they asked for this year, because last year we didn't have much of a Christmas due to being out of a home. We purchased our first home in December of 2006, but 2 days after christmas. SOOOOO We would like to make this the best year ever for the kids. Please help me find a Learn and Cook Kitchen for my daughter.
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There is a FP one, don't know what it's called, but I'm pretty sure it's been recalled due to small parts breaking off and being a choking hazard...we're looking at the Little Tikes one, too...there is a thread here somewhere about pretend kitchens, and from what I've read, people like the Little Tikes one...
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