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Fashion Bug $10 off anthing, $10 minumum


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I'm on their mailing list and I received a coupon for $10 off ANTHING, on a purchase of $10 or more. Its valid Nov 20-25, 2007. The online code is 710515602. Enjoy!

I am getting Coupon Number Does Not Exsist.


Here is a 20% off code that works 776200206


Cannot be used on priced just right items.



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BTW, I also received the flyer. The code posted in this thread, is the exact coupon code printed on my flyer. I have made attempts to get my daughter a Bobby jack shirt that is on sale. These are not excluded items from the coupon. I am having no luck.

So I just sent them a email via their contact us form. I will update you all when I get a response.

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