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Best price on a new dryer


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i had to buy a dryer a couple years ago and I found the best deal at Sears. I got a Kenmore one and think it was like 20% off.


Other places to check out would be the Lowe's and Home Depot appliance area. They usually have items that are marked down/clearanced. This will usually be in the aisle beside and/or behind the appliance area. If you don't want a brand new one, maybe check out craigslist.

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My dryer conked out 2 days ago so I went ALL over the place looking for a dryer on Clearance. I ended up going to Lowe's and got a GREAT deal on a clearanced Bosch dryer that was normally 900$ down to 300$ because of a dent in the side. What do I care? It's sitting in the laundry room! Also what I like about clearanced Lowe's stuff is that it comes with the manufacturers warranty and because you are the original owner, you can use it. Not so if you buy a used appliance off of craigslist!


Good Luck!:)

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Thanks! I'll check Lowe's too. I agree - I'd much rather get a better price on one with a dent! It sits in the laundry room where no one but me ever sees it, and even I wouldn't see a dent on the side because of my cabinets! I'd love to find a deal like you did!
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