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baby alive boy - where can I find him

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I have one that I am going to take back, I bought it at Wal-Mart when they first came out because I thought he was cute. Now I'm thinking my daughter is too old for it. Plus I bought her too much already!


I paid 29.97 for it though, and there is no bonus pack. I do have the receipt. I don't know what it would be to ship it to you, but you're welcome to it if you want it.

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I think it is a hit and miss thing. I have seen them at TRU and Target but never at my Wal-Marts. I also know they come into stock for a short period on the Wal-Mart website as well.


As far as Ebay is concerned. Do a search for lowest price including shipping. Search often and you just might get lucky and find someone who puts a low buy it now out. If you really MUST have something ebay is the place to get it.

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