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Build-A-Bear now has Rudolph & Clarice


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I ordered both Rudolph and Clarice from the website and they have shipped already- I can't wait to get these:) I also ordered each of my nephews a Rudolph and am having it delivered to them for Christmas. I had gotten the first Rudolph they had 3 years ago and he is so cute! This one is a little different then the first one. Anyone thinking about it needs to get these ASAP - the first time they had Rudolph he sold out a couple weeks before Christmas. BAB will prob be more prepared this time and have more available but I think he and Clarice will still sell out.
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We went last Thursday night... the day they came out... and got the kids each a reindeer.


Plus we made sure to buy the Rudolph sound. For $4 you can get the music which plays "rudolph the red nose reindeer." Last year at my store the Mumble sound sold out before Mumble.


We splurged and paid $10 for the Rudolph DVD, too. I had 2 $5 off coupons (BAB holiday mailing catalog and National Geographic Kids magazine) so I decided to let the kids get the movie. It came with a $10 off $25 coupon that can be used AFTER Christmas (to right up until Valentine's Day, I think).


So hopefully our points will boost us up enough to get enough certificates to pay for the Valentine toy with the coupon. And to think, my kids knew nothing of BAB 18 months ago...


Still debating on getting the Santa outfit because that sells out fast in stores here, too.

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Do the bears come unassembled or are they aready put together?

You can get them either way online or at the store. If you get them unstuffed the child can take them to any Build a Bear to have them stuffed. If ordered online they usually come stuffed but you can request unstuffed if you want. There is a box on the order page for special instructions that you can type out and request unstuffed.

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I got my Rudolph(a) yesterday! We actually got Rudolph with light up nose and sound dressed like Clarice:blush: I thought that dress and shoes were TDF so I couldn't resist...I think she'll officially be known as Rudolph and Clarice's baby girl at our house!


THANKS PP Oh and I wanted to mention in the little booklet that comes on Rudolph's arm there is a $5 off $25 coupon!! But it expires in DEC so remove it BEFORE wrapping!!!

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