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Yes, absolutely, they have one! Earlier today I was trying to remember how far in advance it arrived (in my mailbox) last year. They don't put them in the paper, of course, you have to be on their mailing list. I'm expecting it to show up sometime this week.


They always have their flannel on sale for $1/yard, fleece is usually marked down some, lots of other fabrics. They also have a sale on Christmas ornaments, basically everything is marked down somewhat. They usually have a coupon for 10 or 20% off your total purchase from 6-9am, and then another one for later in the day (or maybe it's for Saturday, I can't remember). I always do my electronics shopping early and then Joanns is my 2nd stop. Last year I was waiting for them to open, mostly just so I could get a shopping cart since they're hard to come by, and next door is an Office Depot where people had been waiting in line all night. They were laughing that anybody would wait in line to get into a fabric store LOL.

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