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Forum & Site Errors - Please Read!


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I'm going to post this once again:


Ever since the site was moved to the temporary servers for BF, there has been an issue with the forum database that leads to errors every so often (the errors mention arrays and it may show that you don't have permission to do things).


With all the traffic on the forum, these errors are happening more frequently, and despite hours spent trying to find working solutions, it looks like we are stuck with them until BF is over.


So if you see these errors, please DO NOT post on the forum or PM myself or any of the other mods. We know about the error and we know how to fix it when it happens. We are going to be extremely busy over the next two weeks, and so the fewer posts and PMs we have to read about this error, the better.


Also, over the next 2 weeks you will definitely notice slowdowns on the site when traffic gets extremely high. Certain site and forum features, such as the BF site shopping list and lurker access to the forum may be disabled during these times. Again, there is no need to post threads or PM us about this - we know when these things happen.


We are going to do our best to add new servers as needed and do whatever we can to optimize the site to allow as many people on the site at one time.


So please just bear with us during these two weeks. If you think it's inconvenient and stressful to not be able to access the site, multiply that by about 100 and you'll have an idea of the pressure we are under :)


Thank you for your cooperation with this.

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