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Champion Bras, Shorts, & Jacket - NOW $3 ($31 & up) @ HSN.com


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If links don't work, search for 'Champion' on the HSN.com website


Link to Champion items: HERE


I am posting just a small selection of what they have.


Champion O2 Cool Micro Light Jacket

Item: 188-572


NOW $3.00 Was $40.00




Champion Double Dry Seamless Tank

Item: 188-087


NOW $3.00 Was $34.00




Champion O2 Cool Seamless Sports Bra

Item: 187-995


NOW $3.00 Was $34.00




Champion Shape Pullover Camisole Bra

Item: 188-492



NOW $3.00 Was $31.00

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Just bought 8 sports bras for myself. Even if I do not like them, I am sure I can sell them for more on ebay! Dummy me......I thought of googling for a coupon CODE after I submitted my order. Here are a couple I found, you can benefit from my "Duhness":bigcry:


15% on your next purchase at hsn.com. To get your savings, just use coupon code C73225 at checkout. Offer ends November 30, 2007


C56574 for NEW customers gets you 15%


OBVIOUSLY, I did not try these codes. Please let us know if they work for you.

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Super! another 's-stuffer! Would've bought more (a couple other things looked good) but in the :30min spent online (more time than in a store),


DuraPRO Multi-Stripper Combo Pack ( two = $9) Standard S&H - $9.90


S&H killed it, bummer - sport bras are a good deal & picked up, but sorry, my future word of caution will be HSN tries to kill you on shipping!


Thanx for the codes, but neither worked.


"You have entered a coupon code that cannot be applied to any of the items that are currently in your shopping cart. Click here to view coupon rules."

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