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New Victoria's Secret Offer


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VS TANK & T-SHIRT PJ's - $29.50 (a savings of $15.50)


Use code GETPJS at checkout.


Offer good until November 12th.


I added this code to the VS HAT, SCARF, GLOVES Thread.

Lots of different codes in that thread.

Check it out!

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I am a newbie here and seen the Victoria Secrets codes everyone posted and decided to treat myself to some Christmas gifts.


I was going to order the t-shirt pj's and they were all sold out of my size I did purchase the flannel pjs and received the slippers free. I also used the code for the free scarf w/ the 19.99 henley sweater. I ordered a few more things and was able to get 30 off my order for spending 150. I also used the code for free shipping. Thanks for all the advice. Did anyone notice the new scent Super model. I got a sample w/ my last bill and I really liked the smell. Well for 38 (i think) you can get the perfume,body mist, and lotion w/ a nice bag.

Again thanks for my Christmas Gifts..

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