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Questions on bf ad on tvs.


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I have a question about the bf ad. On page 34 of 48 of the tv ads for Fri. and Sat. it says No payments 'til 2010 or 10% cash back after MIR with your Sears card.


My question is does this 10% work on the door buster tvs as well? I guess the MIR means you get the 10% amount back in the mail or is there another MIR offer? I know the other MIR offer ends 11/17/07.


The fine print says the 10% rebate offer excludes Great Price items. I didn't see anything labeled Great Price or do doorbusters qualify as this?


Also, I didn't see anything about quantities limited on the doorbuster tvs. Does this mean they will have plenty? Hopeful thinking I know, lol.

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