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Hi all :)


Well, I have decided that since I spend a lot of time behind the computer, I want to upgrade to a larger flat panel, LCD screen.


We currently have a 15" flat panel, LCD Compaq that came with a system back in 2001. It is okay for now, but a larger screen is desired.


I am looking at a 19" or maybe even a 17", depending on specs/price/etc.


Anyone have any helpful hints as to go about getting the best deal possible (i.e. price and quality)?


I don't want to shell out a lot of cash, but I also want a dependable model.


Any ideas?


Thanx in advance! ;)

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Keep in mind that pretty much all 17" and 19" LCDs have the same resolution (1280x1024) so unless your eyesight isn't that great, you might want to save $100-150 and go with the 17" since both will give you the same amount of screen real estate. You should be able to get a 17" model for anywhere from $199-249 depending on brand/quality.


Of course another option is to go for the Dell 2001FP for around $530 the next time it goes on sale with a coupon at Dell.


Here are some good options at Amazon:



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Sue - what is your budget?


Also as Brad mentioned if you can wait, there should be another sale on Dell LCD's. These are usually rebadged Samsung or LG models which carry a 3 year limited mfg warranty.


Our Dell UltraSharp 1900FP LCD is 2 yrs 3 months old and we've had absolutely no problems.

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Ross- my budget is getting the best deal for the money, silly! ;) Actually, I am not looking for a top of the line model, just something that would come somewhere near $200 or less. I know, I am demanding! :giggle: A 19" model would be nice, but as I see now thanks to Brad, the 17" ones are pretty much the same as far as viewing space at a lower price (always the shopper).


Brad- thanks for the links and the heads up on the Dell items. Problem is, the 17" model still after all the discounts and what have you, is a little over $300. About $100 more than what I wanna spend. :( I have a Dell 2400 system, so it would be nice to make it all Dell. Then again, any monitor would work, huh? I like the features on the 17" one. Just not wanting to spend that amount.


I see it also has USB ports and also DVI (someone needs to tell me what this is and why I should look for that when I purchase a new monitor).


Once again, thanx for your help. You guys rock! :yelclap:

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DVI (Digital Visual Interface), an uncompressed, digital video interface, was originally

developed for the PC industry which was seeking a low-cost, high-bandwidth digital

connection between PCs and digital monitors (such as LCDs). DVI is now the most

widely used digital display interface in the PC industry and is available on most LCD

monitors, as well as many PC display projectors and plasma panels.


The Consumer Electronics Association wrote a specification (EIA/CEA 861) that defines

how DVI is used in consumer electronics products for connecting a video source device to

a digital television monitor (DTV Monitor)1. In addition, DVI, when combined with Highbandwidth

Digital Content Protection (HDCP) technology, creates a protected digital

connection that may be required in the future for viewing some high value digital content

on compatible DTV Monitors. This will be the first uncompressed digital interface

solution for DTV monitors, providing consumers with digital quality and functionality.

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I see Staples is having a President's Day sale on Sun and Mon (2/20-21) and I see a few bargains (maybe? :confused: ). One of which is a Proview 19" LCD (analog) for $279. I should be getting a $30 gift card "any day" now (crosses fingers) and if I can score one of those $30 off/$150 purchase coupons, that drops it to $219.


Can someone let me know what they think of that model?


Oh yeah, a 20" LCD TV is on sale also. Wonder if I score 2 of those coupons($30 off $150), could I maybe get hubby to go with me (good luck!) to another store across town and buy the TV at that one?

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The 19" Proview appears to be the PL913S.


I don't see any warranty info in the .pdf unless I glanced over it?

Ross- I can't find the warranty info either. Good price for that size monitor. I read a few reviews that were above average for it.


Anyone else ever use those $30 off/$150 coupons on items like this at Staples? Unless the postal service performs a miracle and sends me my $30 gift card today in the mail (fat chance!), I may have to pass.

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I have a Buy 2 get 1 Free on the Dell 1704FP, 1904FP, or 2001FP.

Are you in the market for buying a monitor or two yourself? :idea::giggle:


That's a great offer IF one were looking to upgrade a few monitors, especially if you can combine that with the offer they have going on now (see Brad's link above).

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Well, I woke up early (for a Sunday, at least! :giggle: ) and traveled over to Staples for their President's Day sale and got the Proview 19". It was $279 and I was able to get a $30 off coupon from eBay (for $4). I never got the $30 GC in time that is supposed to arrive anyday now.


But, I was super nice to the manager and they said all I had to do is come in with it and the receipt and they would credit my CC.


So, I got it for $223 (figuring in the eBay coupon). For a 19" monitor, I don't need the top of the line and this one has a pretty good picture.


Thanks for all that gave helpful hints. ;)

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I purchased one of the Proview PL913s monitors on Monday to try out for our scanner tech that looks at his screen 8 hours a day. It's a great improvement over his 15" CRT. Went back to Staples and bought 3 more today.


Here's a hot tip: There's an extended warranty application in each box that enables you to add an additional TWO YEARS coverage for $ 39. total - that's three total years for and exchange swap, customer pays shipping back to manufacturer.


The monitor itself is very thin and sleek looking. It's got a slick Auto-sense button for instant setup. Nice clean characters and very acceptable contract ratio.


Get one while you can!


Bruce in Huntsville, AL.

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