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Ad for Nov 4-10 available online


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They have some pretty good deals:


RCA 26" LCD HDTV 720p - $378

8GB iPod Nano + Bonus $25 Gift Card - $197.88

Guitar Hero III with Guitar, Controller, and Game for Nintendo Wii - $89.92

The Eagles "Long Road Out of Eden" 2-CD Set - $11.88

Acer Desktop Bundle (17" Monitor, 1GB RAM, 160GB HDD, DVD-RW/CD-RW) - $498

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I wasnt' really impressed with the ad that WalMart presented. The television they had wasn't really all that because, IMO, the contrast ration could have been better. 800:1 just isn't all that, but again, just a thought. I was hoping that more toys would have been in it.
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I wonder if the secret in store sales are going to be any good, the laptop price they are revealing on their website looks good, I in fact need two laptops for my kids this year, anyone know the specs on it ?

The specs are listed in the secret sale thread:)

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